Getting Started.

Initial Contact:  Prospective clients should contact me to discuss scheduling, time frame, budget, motivation, and to assess compatibility.  The coaching experience is tailored to each individual's unique needs, and all cards should be on the table so we can take a cursory glance at what your program will look like.  Whether you start a training program or not, you will have a better understanding of how different factors have affected your health, well-being, and fitness.  Once the anthropometric assessment has been scheduled, you will be granted access to the appropriate intake forms to be completed prior to that appointment.


Nutrition and Lifestyle Intake Process:  Information-gathering takes place here and we hope to uncover specific details related to how your diet, sleep/wake cycles, and the nature of your thoughts and lifestyle contribute to your well-being.  Questionnaires and other discovery tools allow patterns of behavior to be understood and positively affected.  Holistic coaching means you hedge your bets by listening to your body and using conscious exploration to improve physical and emotional awareness and well-being.

Anthropometrics:  Active and passive assessments are used to evaluate how your physical body is functioning, and to uncover details that might be pertinent to the program-design process.  Your physical presence and mental state are highly correlated, each reflecting the other.  By working to return your physical body to appropriate alignment, you center your self.  Postural stability and sound recruitment patterns are critical to developing neurological skills, avoiding injury, and creating the conditioning you require.  Your flexibility and mobility is clinically assessed and moderated to sustain desired levels of activity.

The assessment process is front-loaded:  As a team we are striving to understand the variables involved in this specific pursuit, and will work effectively to attain challenging goals with smart work.  Re-assessment is necessary at regular intervals to ensure the program and its execution are yielding results, and to provide direction for future work.

Coaching Sessions.
Effective coaching is highly qualitative in nature.   In movement as in thought, strict adherence to conscious form improves safety, security, and well-being. Respect is given to what level of skill each individual presents, and this factors into selection of the appropriate process.

Corrective Exercise, Motor Development and Behavior Modification.
Sessions are designed to educate individuals as to how our bodies and minds are designed. This could be considered post-rehabilitation for injury or surgery, or pre-habilitation for anyone looking to alter their level of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual activity - this ensures the body develops as a coherent system and that forces are appropriately created, absorbed, or diffused. Your static and dynamic posture mirrors the quality of thoughts and movements, and awareness thereof is key to optimize positioning.  Even elite athletes often present with postures and ideas that are not serving their purpose.  This is the base level of linking and anchoring our veritable structural systems to more subtle energies, introducing tools and techniques that you can use along your journey as you see fit.

Learn to be and move as infants do, with beginner's eyes, every time.

Integrated Strength and Activity-Specific Conditioning
Strength is systemic - a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.  Resolution of upper body and lower body forces through the structure of the spine and torso, connects you solidly in the physical realm.  Move your body in space and move things in relation to you. Expect many asymmetrical movements, combinations, serial movements, circuits, and stability-challenges while connecting through hands, feet, elbows, knees, shoulders, hips and spine.

Athleticism and Power.
All of us are athletes, playing different games.  When you are ready, there will be an emphasis on total-body movement, activity-specific conditioning, and moving yourself and objects powerfully. 

Periodization Plans.
Carefully devised plans vary on an individual basis, but each is progressed carefully to ensure safety and specificity.  Build strength and ability while eliminating weakness.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Sessions.

We can identify and manage variables that make or break our results. Exploring our fundamental motivations, understanding egoic behavior, and re-conceptualizing memes facilitates success and is education that will be useful in the long term.  The journey towards balance is never-ending.

Seminars/Corporate Speaking Engagements.

*  Overthrow your existing lifestyle, nutrition or movement paradigm.  Stop being a victim to hype and misinformation that is common in mass media - release yourself from dogmatic thinking.  Your thoughts are qualifiable, but real.  Learn to safely navigate your way through daily decisions to support realizing your dream.

*  Group learning opportunity - recommend reading, resources, ongoing support.

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