The site is live, but don't tell anybody - I'm still editing.  ;)

To those who are visiting this site, I hope you find it useful in understanding my perspective on life, nutrition, and movement among other things. I want a portal for those seeking to understand more about how powerful a holistic approach to achieving health and wellness really can be. I will begin by posting information that I have found to be important with my current and historic client rosters, and hope that questions from whatever audience I have will lead further exploration - please let me know if you have any questions.

After my morning sessions I came upon a new understanding of something I've been mulling over in my head for a while, a quote:  "all spirituality is to relieve suffering."  I wondered if all of it really was, and I wondered if suffering was necessary for spirituality.  I found I was reading too literally, and that it could simply mean that we as humans have a distinct ability to suffer(some of us suffer all too well and become addicted to it), and that what we understand as "spirituality" is our total conceptualization of the knowledge acquired through experience and exploration towards comprehension of life's mysteries.  We all suffer in different ways, and we all should be experiencing life and exploring new things to create our own unique brand of spirituality that keeps us stable through times of conflict - whatever the scale. My ruminations should not be taken as gospel, but hopefully will help you evaluate the truth consciously and objectively(hunting and gathering) instead of following blindly(eating what is fed to you).

Much love, and godspeed.