About me...

My background in physical activity has always had exploration at its core - climbing trees, scaling rocks, skin-diving, surfing, spelunking, and adventure-racing, backcountry camping and backpacking. This was all progressed by disciplined practice in gymnastics and swimming, and involvement in team sports like soccer (semi-pro), ultimate frisbee (national collegiate level) and triathlon(qualifying for nationals). I still dedicate myself seasonally to kite-surfing, telemark skiing, rock climbing, and cycling and maintain a regular breathwork and meditation practice, trying to engage unique experiences that help me feel alive.

Continuing Education.

  • NASM Optimum Performance Training (Jan '03)
  • NASM Integrated Flexibility Training (April '03)
  • NASM Sports Performance Training (Aug '03)
  • USA Weightlifting Power-Lifting Certification (Jan '04)
  • Chek Institute Exercise Coach - Rob Yang (Jun '07)
  • Chek Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level I - Dr. Dan Kalish (Aug '07)
  • NSCA Symposium on Training the Endurance Athlete - various speakers (Oct '07)
  • Chek Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2 - Paul Chek, Cliff Oliver (Dec '07)
  • Workshop:  Motor Learning and Infant Development - Paul Chek (Jan '08)
  • Workshop:  Balancing Body Energies - John McMullin (Feb '08)
  • Chek Institute Practitioner Level 1 - Mark Stone (May '08)
  • Kettlebell Concepts Instructor Training - Victoria Gray (Sep '08)
  • Chek Institute Practitioner Level 2 - Janet Alexander, Mark Stone (Oct '08)
  • Functional Movement Screens - Chris McGrath (Oct '08)
  • Orange Kettlebell Training Course - John Wild Buckley, Steve Cotter (Apr '09)
  • Scientific Stretching Workshop- Paul Chek (Jun '09)
  • Core Shamanism Workshop- Michael Harner and Susan Mokelke (Oct '09)
  • Chek Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2 - Paul Chek (Dec '09)
  • Permaculture Design Workshop through Hayes Valley Farm - Jay Rosenberg(Jul '10)
  • The Art of Coaching Workshop - JP Sears(Jan '11)
  • Zen in the Garden Workshop - Paul Chek(Feb '11)
  • Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisory Course - Dodie Anderson(Jun '11)
  • Neurosomatic Educators - Posturology 101 - Randall Clark(Jun '11)
  • NERT Training - San Francisco Fire Department(Jul '11)
  • Neurosomatic Educators - Lumbar and Hip - Laura Gillam(Jul '11)
  • Neurosomatic Educators - Cervical Spine - Laura Gillam(Aug '11)
  • Neurosomatic Educators - Extremities - Laura Gillam(Oct '11)
  • Inner Alchemy:  Chi Gung, Consciousness and DNA - Dr. Wayne Chandler(Jan '12)
  • Neurosomatic Educators - Posturology 202 - Laura Gillam(Feb '12)
  • Hypnobirthing Workshop - Rachel Yellin(Feb '12)
  • Neurosomatic Educators - Integrated Visceral Balancing - Laura Gillam(Mar '12)
  • Neurosomatic Educators - Integrated Approaches to Shoulder Pain - Randy Clark(Mar '12)
  • Neurosomatic Educators - Integrated Cranial Balancing - Laura Gillam(Apr '12)
  • CPR Current through August, 2013
  • Neurosomatic Educators - N3, N4(Mar-Jun '12)
  • Metabolic Blueprint - East West Healing and Performance(Apr-Jun '12)
  • Chek Institute - Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 3 - Paul Chek(Sep '12)
  • Feldenkrais and Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction - Andrew Wright(Oct '12)
  • Anatomy Trains and Myofascial Meridians for Manual Therapists - Thomas Meyers(Feb '13)
  • Hand Balancing Coaching Workshop - Daniel Spencer(Feb '14)
  • Shamanic Healing Immersion - Leopardo Yawabane/Nicole Roitberg(Feb-Mar '14)


My strength lies in being able to reconnect you with your physical body, and using this awareness to enhance performance and satisfy your ultimate potential.  My specialties are movement re-education and post-rehabilitation towards improving posture, stability, and strength, as well as creative and effective activity-specific conditioning, as this relies on both the depth and breadth of my self-guided curriculum.

My commitment is improved sense of your physical potential through holistic health. The use of relevant training tools and techniques will guide you through phases of movement development - improving functional mobility, postural strength, and core stability. This baseline of conditioning serves as a base onto which we can build with activity-specific skill acquisition and metabolic conditioning. I wholeheartedly believe that in adhering to a commitment to health, one can elicit very specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes that makes anybody feel more self-realized. I am committed to doing good and feeling good about what i do.

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